Monday, August 08, 2005

I discovered some terrifying things

After Undercover Celebrity interviewed me, a few people asked me to interview them. I kept it clean and refrained from asking anyone's bra size. I did, however, try to think of some unique (read: disturbing) questions to mix in with the normal ones.

Go here to read my interview with Lakeline.

Here's my interview with one of my favorite girls-inside-my-computer, Undercover Celebrity.

How about my interview with Fish on a Bicycle? His Most embarrassing Moment is a must-read.

When you're done with that, read my interview with the smartass Advanced Maternal Age.

...And here's my favorite one, the winner in the Answers That Were More Frightening Than My Questions category, my interview with Common Wombat.

I'm still waiting for a couple of particularly lazy bloggers to answer their questions (or perhaps they're so disturbed by the questions that they're busy getting an internet restraining order against me?)--I'll keep you posted. (Ha! Get it! "Posted!" As in, "I'll post a new blog entry about it!" Get it? Alright, you humorless assholes, don't laugh. What do I care?)

Oh, and the mysterious Nomidlifecrisishere asked for an interview, but didn't leave me a web address to send the questions to. Please, no more drinking while blogging, my nizzles.


Kiki said...

I thought I was the twisted question asker. I am outdone by you Miss Karla.

There's a few people who haven't answered my questions either. I figured the same thing--they were completly frightened of me asking absurd questions.

Masked Mom said...

38DD--oh wait, you weren't asking bra sizes....

CommonWombat said...

Okay... Let's try that again, without the 17 typos... Spellcheck, dumbass...

I particularly enjoyed the question you asked Lakeline about whether she would have married her hubby if his name had been "Wienerhog."

I have this ongoing game with my wife where I ask her "Would you still love me if I was (something bizarre). The crazy thing is that she actually answers dead seriously! Like there is some rock-solid rationale behind it. For example, I'll say:

"Hey, would you still love me if I was known far and wide as 'The man, the myth, the legend... The one and only Baker?"

And she'll think about it (really THINK about it!) and say... "No."

"So that's a deal-breaker then?"

"That's a deal-breaker."

Thank god I'm taking notes.

Emily said...

Ok, first of all Wienerhog is the funniest question of all time.

My BFF used to date a guy with the last name Roach, which I thought was as bad as it came, but you have shown me a new possibility in life.

Second, common wombat is as strange as he is hilarious -- I'm not sure yet if that's a compliment.

leesepea said...




I just read the questions you posted on Satan's Farts.

I await his answers with bated breath.

You are deeply twisted.

Are you sure we weren't roommates in college?

karla said...

No, but I wish we had been. Wouldn't we have had fun? Some of the roommates I had were kind of duds.

mrhaney said...

hello karla. i looked for your e-mail address but i could not find it.

Katya Coldheart said...

loved a fish on a bycicle's questions and his answers are very funny...


Paul Michael Peters said...

Good job! I laughed so loud it was pretty embarrassing. Better stop reading your blog at work.