Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Three and a half more interviews

Go here to read my interview with Jane D'oh.

And go here to read my interview with Chris, at the curiously-named Satans Farts.

And then there's my interview Miss Burgoo (the sister of the above-mentioned flatulent Satan), found here. After that interview, she asked for an additional question, which I faithfully provided not one but two of, and she then answered them here. But it turns out I'm a total blogging moron--I've been waiting for her to reply to the extra questions forever, and it just occurred to me today that I've been only clicking on the link to the original post, which I had bookmarked (you know, the post for the first interview I gave her) instead of looking at the current day's posts. So while I've been waiting for her to reply to the extra questions, she's probably been waiting for me to link to her interviews on my site.

So now you know what a dope I am. (Or did you already know that?) My computer genius husband will roll his eyes at me. Go ahead, you can, too.


Anonymous said...

I know you're not talking about meeeee! Hmph. Now my bro gets the spotlight, eh? I see how it is.

karla said...

I am such a dope. Okay, I updated today's post to reflect my realization that you did indeed answer those extra questions long ago. Sorry I'm such a retard, Burgoo.

Anonymous said...

Hoorah! Thanks KB. And, thanks too for the lovely comment on my site today. It made me feel better 'bout things.

Oh and it's not retard. It's blogtard. ;)

pat said...

Dear Karla,

You are pretty messed up. And I mean this in the nicest possible way. Like as if I were the helpful friend who tells you that you have an eye booger -- that kind of nice. Except that if it were an eye booger, I might expect you to remove it, whereas I don't expect/want you to stop being messed up.


Brandon said...

i would never roll my eyes at you, you big dope! and you are totally not a big dope. even though i, er, just called you one. oops.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

As Jane says, you are twisted. But not slightly.

Kiki said...

I think you're brilliant. Definatley not a dope.

freethoughtguy said...

I don't believe in Satan.

I do believe in dope.

Karla, you're no dope.