Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hey, good news! Jake still fits in things! Foolishly, I thought he had gotten too big for that, but I've recently discovered that if you fold him enough times, he can fit into almost anything. For my next trick, I'll put him into a #10 envelope and mail him to Grandma.

(By the way, whoever comes up with a better caption for this picture wins one 8 month-old Caucasian male infant. I'll have him shipped via FedEx to your home or office within 2 business days. But I'm keeping the pot--it's great for making chili.)


i need to think about this caption thing, but i pretty much call dibs on that baby.

i have a pot of my own, so he won't feel too confused about his new home.
What kind of wine would you pair with this particular meal?

I'm thinking an earthy Pinot Noir or maybe a spicy Cabernet.
I can't stop laughing. You are so wrong, I love it. I fear for my husbands delicate sensabilities when we have offspring because I would totally do something like this (and the others) to the horror of Skywalker. Ha ha.

Baby Spa, Because pooping and eating is hard work too.

2 days 99.99
That is too cute:)

"Baby--the other white meat"
adorable picture. and for a caption... "where's the beef?". I'm horrible at being creative
OMG you crack me up.
"Look Mom, I'm On The Pot"

Cool pic.

I LOVE MY BABY FITS IN THINGS!!!! Please find more things he fits in!

Ideas: pet carrier (this could prove handy); glove box; tires (you know, like the Michellan baby); mailboxes; pea pods (seems to work for Anne Geddes); and small ice chests.

...see, this is why I don't have kids
As cute as he is, I'll have to pass on the offer. I have no idea about the care and feeding of a humanoid infant... although you may be on to something here marketing-wise. "Kid-in-a-pot."

Has a ring to it, don't you think so? ;-)
This is my favorite thing to do with babies. That pot looks a little like our old brew kettle, but the new one will fit him until he's like 4. Just in case you're still worried about him not fitting in things.
How about..."Wait 'til you see the special sauce I'm cooking up down here!"
That is fucking hilarious. Man, is he going to be pissed off in 20 years when he sees that one. But it's definitely worth it. Too funny.
"Do you have a bun in the oven?"

"In a manner of speaking."
"Jake- it's what's for dinner"
best I can do on short notice.
"Hey, Mom! What does 'simmer' mean?"
i liked bea's answer the best.....oh wait......did i get a vote??

btw, cute kid. i've got two of my own.
HAHA... I am not going to come up with a caption for this... an 8mo old child is the last thing I need to win.

I love that more moms aside from me use their children for entertainment. hehe

He's so happy to be in the hot seat though! ;-)

Love it!
Nice to see you're potty training him at such a young age.

Why do I envision this picture surfacing in a courtroom sometime in your future? "It was just a JOKE, your honor, I swear... Look, he's not even on a burner!"
"Hey mom! It's potty training, not POT training. Now quit chopping those carrots and get me outta here!"

You are just too cool for words!!!
Pot-Luck (just not so lucky for some).

Very adoreable!!!
great picture karla. keep them comming.
THe young lad decided to tell his parents exactly what he thought about the chili, by taking a dump in the pot.
So funny, and he looks so happy to be there, that just makes the picture so much better. Just please don't see if he can fit in the refrigerator.
A Cannibals' Photographic Guide to Cooking Humans- Chapter 6 *Veal*
I showed that picture to Sal... She just about fell over laughing and then lamented the fact that SHE doesn't get to meet you.

Because, you know, any woman that puts her baby in cookware is GOOD PEOPLE.
Breaking News: "Recent research study funded by the University of Karla shows that pot loving infants are much happier and more cooperative than non-pot using infants."
My quote for submission:

"What? How the hell do you cook yours?"
"Our NEW and IMPROVED Disposable Aluminum Diapers do double duty!"
I find it scary that Jake's so happy to be where he is. Is this a regular thing?
Your husband is okay with this?
Child Protective Services is okay with this?!
"I just pooed in the pot!"
"I feel like a little kid, but I don't think I could eat a whole one."
"Soylent Green, The Early Years"

But, do NOT send me your child. lol
"At Karlababble, we eat our young"
so funny...
i think i have a wok for naptime.
Okay, I really want to win the kid. I am correct in that the one pictured is the one up for grabs, right? Because I don't want an ugly kid. Those I can get anywhere. Heck, I can make those myself.

Anyway, caption:

"Hotter, mommy. Hotter!!!!"

Or what about simply turning it into a greeting card?

"Happy Thanksgiving!"

Or one of those name joke thingies...

What do you call a baby boiling in a pot?

I was going to think up something great...till I found out what the prize was! Not so sure I can handle another one right now! He is so cute, though! We had so much fun stuffing our son into things when he was little! As a matter of fact, we stuffed him into a box this afternoon! He loved it!
OK- that's just funny as hell. Make sure you save this photo, so when he tells his therapist that his mother tried to cook him, you can point out that he wasn't even on a burner.
"Stick a fork in me - I'm done"

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